G-ONCE is the single, integrated solution designed by Guadaltel for public agencies to ease their response to the legal requirements.

G-ONCE emerges as Guadaltel internal project due to its over 15 years of experience as a traveling companion of Public Administration in its modernization process. Our deep knowledge of market solutions leads to the detection of the need to create a single integrated tool that allows a public body to electronically manage their relationship with citizens and keeping internal monitoring of the same. For this purpose G-ONCE project appears, resulting in the product that we offer today to administrations.


G-ONCE appears as a basic solution, bundled, of quick and easy installation, so that in a short time the platform becomes operational and the requirements are met.

Guadaltel has made this basic package of G-ONCE in a modular shape and basing on eGovernment enabling components been largely proven in many public bodies. Some of them have been developed by Guadaltel and others like Trew@, under the initiative of the Andalusian Regional Government.



Other aspects of interests: 

G-ONCE includes, among others, the following functions:

  • Electronic Office.
  • Virtual Office for Citizens: implementation of websites allowing all those interested to initiate proceedings, provide digital copies of documents or query the status of the processing of their cases. The virtual office is multilingual.
  • Public Employee Website: backoffice tools for internal management procedures. It is also multilingual.
  • Identification and authentication with digital certificates and DNIe using advanced electronic signature platforms.
  • Catalog of procedures: it includes a full set of common operational procedures that can be parameterized and extended.
  • Wizard guiding on procedures enabling step guide to citizens and users with applications.
  • In-person and electronical register for input and output of applications, documents and communications, which responds to the rules SICRES v3
  • Electronic signature of documents, forms, applications, etc.
  • Electronic Portafirmas
  • Form generator for easy, fast virtual publishing of new forms in the Virtual Office
  • Generation of documents associated with cases processed 100% parameterized.
  • Graphical tool for procedure modeling
  • Stakeholder Management and Representation
  • Dashboard based on procedure monitor
  • Certified digitization approved by the AEAT


More information in www.gonce.es