Guadaltel´s technology offer is broad and includes different business lines within Consulting, Development of Turnkey Information Systems and Development and Implementation of own products.

Also, since its establishment, Guadaltel has placed all their efforts in the implementation of R + D + i projects.

Throughout almost 25 years, Guadaltel has worked in around 1500 projects developed in Open Source Software.


icono e-Government de Guadaltel


Guadaltel is a leader in developing solutions that articulate the concept of e-government. We have developed solutions that integrate the whole cycle of eGovernment services: from electronic venues and virtual offices for citizens to the use internal solutions for public agencies that can provide their services electronically to citizens using modern work-flow solutions to support the processes.

icono de contratacion electronica de Guadaltel

Electronic procurement

For over 15 years, we have been developing expense management solutions in general and, related to Contracting, in particular. We are leaders in Electronic procurement and tendering systems, 100% based on open source software. Our solutions integrate the whole lifecycle of planning and budget execution, as well as tendering and electronic invoicing in compliance with the requirements of current legislation.

icono SIG Guadaltel


Guadaltel pioneered the development of Geographic Information Systems. Since its inception, Guadaltel has worked in the design, development and implementation of corporate GIS as well as in specific application development and integration with larger systems. Our company also has on his resume extensive experience in the production of tools for territorial information dissemination, mass collection of space information and handling and processing of satellite images for specific projects.

icono Green IT Guadaltel

Green IT

This category also encompasses all our solutions aimed at increasing energy efficiency with the application of ICT, thereby reducing their environmental impact and achieving necessary cost savings.

icono Movilidad Guadaltel


Guadaltel has developed mobility solutions designed to facilitate and expedite the processes in which access to information predominates in the moment and place where it originates, as well as corporate geographic data, from any mobile device.

icono Smart City Guadaltel

Smart City

Our solutions are designed to serve Smart City concept and match its philosophy of building competitive cities that manage public services in sustainable and efficient way in oorder to improve citizens' quality of life by offering an agile and innovative administration.

icono open data guadaltel

Open Data

In line with the philosophy based on transparency and open government, Guadaltel offers services of Open Data for downloading data in a reusable open format, so that third parties can exploit data by themselves or related services.
icono SaaS Guadaltel

Software as a Service

Guadaltel offers its customers as part of its portfolio of services the ability to incorporate their solutions through cloud computing as a service (SaaS). This proposed for consumption of products Guadaltel has associated a technological model that facilitates the management and maintenance of platforms, huge savings on resources and increased productivity.