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Since its inception, Guadaltel has worked in the design, development and implementation of corporate GIS, as well as in the development of specific applications and integration with broader systems.

The portfolio of products, services and clients related to spatial information is extensive and diverse,encompassing large infrastructures and horizontal European, national, regional or local projects.

The business areas in which Guadaltel’s solutions are applied are as follows include, among others, emergencies, resource management, spatial information dissemination, energy, tourism or integration of spatial information with administrative procedures.

Guadaltel applies and integrates the latest technologies such as AI, Machine learnig, blockain, chatBot, etc. with the spatial information of the organisations.

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Service portfolio

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GIS Consulting

Corporate GIS Spatial Data Infrastruture

Spatial Information Data Treatment

GIS Web Client G-GIS

GIS Training

GIS Desktop Client

Cloud Computing

Mobile Solutions Development

Spatial Information Data Treatment

Capture and generation of spatial information: Georreferencing analogic maps, Vectorization, Photointerpretation, Geocoding
Homogenization and data processing: Spatial data modeling, n Catalogs and metadata production
ISO 19100, INSPIRE. OGCAdaptation
Exploiting spatial information

Corporate GIS / Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure
Virtual Street Data
Mashup for visualization and edition of Spatial Data
Spatial Reference System Transformation | Web Services

GIS Desktop Client

Developments based on open
and free software components (no license fee)
Easy spatial data dissemination
Customize tools or stand-alone applications
Adapt interface to customer needs
Advanced features
Development of plugins and extensions for desktop clients

A few references

Food and Agriculture Organization

  • Climate Change Knowledge Centre
  • Climate Change Resource Collections
  • Classification of Sustainable
  • Development Goals
  • Resource support from international organisations
  • Specific geographic focus of resources

European Commission

  • Eurostat maps and data services
  • INSPIRE Directive Reporting Tool
  • European Commission SDI maintenance
  • Producer of the EU Statistical Atlas
  • SatCen Confluence Service Provider
  • Copernicus emergency management system

National Geographic Information Centre (Spain)

  • Maintenance of horizontal API CNIG components, printing components, search engines,…
  • Development of visualisers and mobile applications
  • Adaptation of services to standards: OGC API.
  • Spatial data capture and normalisation
  • Integration of RT-OSM sources
  • Creation of photovoltaic power models

Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain)

  • Development and maintenance of the Corporate
    Spatial Information System of the Regional Government
    of Andalusia.
  • Implementation of solutions for the dissemination and
    management of spatial data.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the Digital Street Map of Andalusia Andalusia (CDAU)


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